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Director:Antoine Fuqua
Cast:Jamie Foxx, David Morse
Genre:Film, Action

By Ian Grey | Posted

With just one film to his credit--1998's style vs. substance epic The Replacement Killers--director Antoine Fuqua is vying with Michael Bay for the title of King of Incomprehensible but Really Fast Cinema. In Bait, Fuqua uses computer-jimmied camera tricks and beyond-hyperdrive editing to render a ridiculous plot even more ridiculous. Which, considering the nature of said plot, is a kindness. In Bait, dimwitted convict Alvin (Any Given Sunday's Jamie Foxx), who's been jailed for stealing prawns, has a tracking device implanted in his jaw by Treasury Department investigator Clenteen (David Morse). Clenteen does this because he wants Alvin to become, ah, bait for a tech-savvy psychopath (Doug Hutchinson) who robbed the Federal Reserve of 42 mil. Eventually, everybody starts chasing everybody around real fast as the film reaches its apogee of idiocy in a finale that does not involve prawns, but does involve horses jumping through giant video monitors, yet another Fuqua action-movie first. Opens Sept. 15.

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