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Passion of Mind

Passion of Mind

Director:Alain Berliner
Cast:Demi Moore, Matthew Beisner, Peter Riegert
Genre:Film, Drama

By Luisa F. Ribeiro | Posted

Duality, identity crises, dreams, reality, and unreality have long been the stuff of which films are made. So Passion of Mind, a tantalizing attempt to play with the fantasy world of a woman's psyche, sparkles with possibility. Demi Moore (appealingly buffed down) stars as Marty, a sharp, successful, frilly literary agent; and Marie, an earthy widowed mother of two, living quietly and contentedly in the French countryside. Which life is real? Which is false? Or are both "real," and is Marty/Marie losing her mind? Writers Ron Bass and David Field and director Alain Berliner (Ma Vie en Rose) start things off intriguingly and, backed by Eduardo Serra's lush photography (France glows in warm orange-yellow hues, New York in cold no-nonsense blues and grays), it's easy to be swept away by either story. Not surprisingly, both mirror each other: Marty/Marie each reluctantly find lovers and each woman wonders if she or her counterpart is real. The story could take a strong stand on the necessity for a rich fantasy life but alas, the bubble bursts. The magic dissipates into a disappointingly foolish ending that only ridicules all that has come before. Opens May 26.

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