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Agnes Browne

Agnes Browne

Director:Anjelica Huston
Cast:Anjelica Huston, Marion O'Dwyer
Genre:Film, Drama

By Luisa F. Ribeiro | Posted

Right in time for St. Paddy's Day, Anjelica Huston directs and stars in the treacly if well-intended Agnes Browne, a paean to working mums set in 1967 Dublin, Ireland. Based on the semiautobiographical novel The Mammy by Brendan O'Carroll (which became a popular radio series in Ireland), the film radiates the kind of pleasurable blarney that mixes sniffles in with the laughs -- all the characters ooze a conventional sort of rascally charm. Things are tough for Agnes, who starts the film off as a new widow with seven children and no way to pay for her husband's funeral. But Agnes quickly proves her perseverance -- despite the little tragedies she faces, she remains resolutely upbeat and unbowed, whether basking in the attentions of the local baker, stunning her brood with an eye-popping gown, or strolling around town with buddy Marion (stage actress Marion O'Dwyer). The movie includes a welcome rarity: an honest portrayal of friendship between two women. Huston's direction is solid, as is her performance, but the material -- however endearing -- also inches toward the gooey and hardly seems worth her while. Opens March 10.

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