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The Cup

The Cup

Director:Khyentse Norbu
Cast:Jamyang Lodro
Genre:Film, Comedy, Foreign

By Luisa F. Ribeiro | Posted

A Tibetan monastery might not spring to mind as conducive to wry laughs, nor might viewing the 1998 World Cup soccer final, but The Cup, writer/director Khyentse Norbu's pleasing debut, is full of little surprises. When not observing the stern rigors of the Buddhist faith, young Orgyen (Jamyang Lodro) and his fellow teen monks excel in high spirits of the improper kind, angling to outwit the stoic older monk in charge, proving that boys will be boys just about anywhere. The younger monks, led by soccer fanatic Orgyen, partake in the usual adolescent pranks. But they turn out to be quite serious about their soccer and are soon scheming to bring a television to the monastery to view the final. Although clearly a commentary on encroaching (and not always welcome) Western values, The Cup is never as simplistic as it appears. Norbu's monks adroitly bend the outside world to their own standards, subtly indicating that it's the West that might have a thing or two to learn.

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