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Hanging Up

Hanging Up

Director:Diane Keaton
Cast:Lisa Kudrow, Diane Keaton, Meg Ryan
Genre:Film, Comedy

By Luisa F. Ribeiro | Posted

Scripted by Nora and Delia Ephron (adapting Delia's first novel), Hanging Up is a frequently hilarious, occasionally poignant, and sometimes syrupy look at family miscommunications, fears of finally growing up—and learning how and when to hang up. Meg Ryan (who outshines yet another awful haircut) plays Eve, the frantic middle of three high-strung sisters scattered across the county. Diane Keaton (who also directed) is the eldest, Georgia, a confident, self-absorbed, high-powered owner/editor of a slick women's magazine. Lisa Kudrow is Maddy, the baby, an insecure, overlooked soap-opera star accompanied everywhere by her enormous pet Newfoundland. It's Eve, however, who is stuck in Beverly Hills with their ailing father, Lou (Walter Matthau), a former screenwriter with fond memories of John Wayne and an inability to get over his wife's abandonment of him years earlier. Convinced that Lou is about to die at any moment, Eve all but ignores her husband and son, and commits her energy and time to her ailing father and dialing her sisters for help, which neither is able to offer. As always, the Ephrons hit the nostalgia and humor buttons squarely on the head, sometimes dipping into cuteness or maudlin moments. Thankfully, the ladies and the laughs rise above the goop.

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