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Director:Nick Hamm
Cast:Greg Kinnear, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Robert De Niro, Cameron Bright
Screen Writer:Nick Hamm
Release Date:2004

By Richard Gorelick | Posted 5/5/2004

Essential viewing . . . for bereft parents who have thought about cloning a deceased child. Just don't, because as this movie explains, sure, it'll seem totally worth it until clone child approaches the age of his original's death, and then, uh-oh. Parents left unpersuaded will at least determine not to abandon their nightmare-afflicted clone child to the furthest bedroom of their isolated seaside house, as do Clone Adam (Cameron Bright)'s folks (Greg Kinnear and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos), or to let their troubled tyke find his own way home from school. By all means, the Vermont-based Godsend Institute should be avoided, in particular its bearded founder (Robert De Niro). And if their clone child, after nine or so fundamentally incurious years, finally discovers a boxful of photos of his original, future parents-of-clones will at least be prepared with a reasonable explanation, one that somehow eluded Clone Adam's mom: "That was your brother, honey." A massively stupid movie, capped by a denouement that elicits moans of "you mean that's it??" and a tacked-on fright that elicits what-the-hell? shrugs.

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