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Garfield: The Movie

Garfield: The Movie

Director:Peter Hewitt
Cast:Breckin Meyer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Stephen Tobolowsky, Bill Murray, Eve Brent, Debra Messing, David Eigenberg, Brad Garrett, Alan Cumming, Jimmy Kim
Screen Writer:Peter Hewitt
Release Date:2004

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 6/9/2004

The darker, hedonistic, and nihilistic aspects of the successful comic strip/marketing phenomenon are subdued in favor of shoveling up a bucketload of bland, bankable, but blessedly short PG-rated family fare. The computer-animated lasagna-loving fatass pussycat is voiced by Bill Murray--hey, he got stiffed by the Oscars, so who can blame him for going all Hollywood and cashing a cartoon-cat check, eh? Jennifer Love Hewitt provides just enough tight-skirted jiggle to keep weekend dads from snoring in their popcorn, and all the other animal life in the film is live action, too, including the scene-stealing doggie cast as Odie, the simpleton canine who upsets Garfield's home life and provides us with a plot. The pussy animation is remarkable for rendering Garfield with bloodshot eyes. Nice touch, really.

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