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Studio:Warner Brothers
Cast:Halle Berry, Benjamin Bratt, Sharon Stone, Lambert Wilson, Frances Conroy
Screen Writer:Pitof
Music Score:Klaus Badelt, Timothy Andrew Edwards, Blake Neely
Release Date:2004

By Wendy Ward | Posted 7/28/2004

Why would anyone question Oscar-winning Halle Berry’s choice to star—that’s right, star—in a superhero movie wherein she gets to strut all feline like in slashed, black, tight leather trousers and a bondage bra that crosses-her-heart and doubles back? If you no like, look away, ’cuz this is a fun film with loads of booty-shaking music and a real live plot. See, Berry plays Patience Phillips, a namby-pamby artist doing graphics for a cosmetics company run by unethical big wigs, including the flawless ice queen Laurel Hedare (Sharon oh-so-appropriately-named Stone). P.P. is in the wrong place at the wrong time, overhears incriminating shit, and gets flushed down a huge tube to a watery death. And then a bunch of kitty cats resurrect Patience with some special kitty-breath, which is not as arse-bite as it sounds, and Patience learns to prowl and wield a whip as Catwoman. Co-stars include Benjamin Bratt sexing up his role as love interest/detective Tom Lone, Frances Conroy playing ultimate Crazy Cat Lady Ophelia Powers for about five minutes of screen time, and Mad TV’s Alex Borstein bringing the funny as the sexual-peaking best friend Sally. And hey, props to Stone’s bad girl Laurel, who catfights like she’s got whiskers.

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