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Little Black Book

Little Black Book

Director:Nick Hurran
Cast:Brittany Murphy, Holly Hunter, Kathy Bates, Ron Livingston, Julianne Nicholson, Rachel Norris, Josie Maran, Sharon Lawrence
Screen Writer:Nick Hurran

By Wendy Ward | Posted 8/4/2004

So, you wanna know where your man was before he was in, er, with you? And when he doesn’t take the opportunity to tell you about his ex-girlfriends along with specific details, well, it’s a li’l like admitting his guilt, right? Just what the hell is he hiding? Fuck morality, hell-o jealousy. Stacy Holt is just a girl like us (except she is played by luv-her-luv-the-movie/hate-her-hate-the-movie Brittany Murphy) with a cute boyfriend named Derek (Sex and the City’s Berger, Ron Livingston). Derek doesn’t like to talk about his past, but he slips up and reveals that he used to date this model, Lulu Fritz (model Josie Maran). That’s enough to freak Stacy’s shit out. New gal pal Barb (fireball Holly Hunter)—they both work at the Ricki Lakeish TV program Kippi Kahn Do! (Kahn played with chops by Kathy Bates)—eggs Stacy on to dig up the dirt in her man’s Blackberry. All of Derek’s exes—Lulu, self-promoting Dr. Rachel Keyes (Rashida Jones), and chef Joyce (Julianne Nicholson)—have secrets, and he has a closet, so it’s just a matter of time before curiosity kills the cat. It may all sound whatever, but the way the women interact in Little Black Book is on point: Sisterhood is one thing, but no one wants to share their man. Oh, and shout out to the lady of the lovelorn Carly Simon for keeping the soundtrack Liz Phairless.

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