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Shark Tale

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 10/6/2004

Lenny the shark (voiced by Jack Black), a member of the Lamniformes order and Lamnidae family, is son of Don Vito (Robert De Niro, continuing to sink lucrative new shafts in his self-parody mine), head of another underwater underworld-kinda family we’re all familiar with (stereotypically speaking), and Lenny’s a big disappointment to his dad ’cuz he doesn’t like fish. Won’t eat it. Get it? Likes to dress up like a dolphin? Seriously. He’s a big vegetarian sissy, and we think the ultimate message about acceptance and Lenny finding himself (and not that punk-ass Nemo) will keep you from wondering if your kid is gonna be turned into a bigot against homosexual or vegetarian fishes in this vibratingly colorful, frenetic, uh, “urban”-flavored fish story involving a fast-talking water-breather named Oscar (Will Smith) who’s blind to the love of his co-worker Angie (Renée Zellweger) and blinded by the gigantic pouty fish lips and slinky hips of Lola (Angelina Jolie), who’s only into him for the clams. Anyway, the animation and voice work will entertain you, and this is a fun big-screen diversion for the small fry. Plus, we like the fish version of Christina Aguilera more than the real one, but the Katie Couric fish is exactly as annoying as that shiny orange-legged air-breathing creature.

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