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Director:Shane Carruth
Cast:Shane Carruth, David Sullivan
Screen Writer:Shane Carruth
Genre:Science fiction, Suspense

Opens Oct. 29 at the Charles Theatre.

By Blake de Pastino | Posted 10/27/2004

You can tell that this film is all indie, because whenever one guy starts talking the other guy in the conversation starts speaking over his lines, and that’s, like, real, see? Also, the guys (the film is pretty much just the two of them) always wear dark pants, white shirts, and neckties but no jackets, which is sorta dressed-down Tarantino style, right? And they speak in technical gibberish, because these guys (writer/director Shane Carruth and David Sullivan) are some sort of inventors who construct gizmos with blinking lights on them in their garage, and the jargon makes them sound like they know what they’re talking about. But in all of its deadly earnestness to impress us with how gritty/cool/real everything is, Primer just comes off as deadly earnest. When the guys accidentally invent a box that reverses time inside it, they’re too busy being cool to seem very impressed. When they begin hibernating in their own time-travel boxes so they can rig the stock market and such, they’re nonchalant to the point of apathy about the moral/philosophical concerns they claim to harbor, through their deadpan dialogue. And by the time they reach their ornately contrived climax of byzantine repercussions, the two men are such empty suits that it’s impossible to care what, or why, or how, it happens. All that matters by then is when, so this precious freshman exercise can end and Carruth can begin learning from his own past.

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