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Skinny Suge Presents Stop Fucking Snitching Vol. 1

Skinny Suge Presents Stop Fucking Snitching Vol. 1

Studio:One Love Films/Skinny Suge Records
Director:Skinny Suge
Release Date:2004

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 1/19/2005

THE MOVIE Shot on the streets and in the homes and clubs of “Baltimore, Viet Nam,” “Baltimore, Murderland,” “the ’hood,” “ghetto,” “other Baltimore,” whatever you wanna call it, Skinny Suge, auteur, executive producer, and putative host, lays out the primary leitmotif of this release early on: “To all you rats, snitchers, lucky enough to cop one of these DVDs, I hope you catch AIDS in your mouth and your lips the first thing that die. Bitch.” A hate letter if you will, from some of the more “real” denizens of Baltimore to all those who would threaten a certain way of life cities like Baltimore have made famous, Stop Fucking Snitching looks like a low-budget outtake reel of thug-extra screen-test interviews for The Wire. But as you allow the depressing, enervating atmosphere of this video to settle over you like a cloud of sour dope smoke, you understand you’re not watching a bunch of nice actors spitting out words somebody else wrote for them on an important and critically acclaimed melodramatic examination of What’s Wrong With America. From the safety of your couch, you’re looking at places like Park Heights, East Lombard and Kresson, Streeper Street (“Niggers is sittin’ around actin’ like they hard, they gangster or ghetto, I’m eatin’ some chicken right now, you know what I’m sayin’, I’m a gangster, you know what I’m sayin’, we up in the ’hood, you know what I’m sayin’, where a lot of scared niggers scared to go at.”) and people you haven’t, wouldn’t, and don’t want to ever stare down, especially when they’re smoking their smoke and drinking their drink and displaying large watches with jewel-encrusted bezels and pulling shootin’ irons out on the corner as cop cars fly by on their way to deal with all the shit we see on the news and read about in the body-count column. NBA star Carmelo Anthony has received some bad press and a dressing-down from members of our national government for appearing in a segment of this thing shot in his old neighborhood, for his “I’ll put some money on his motherfuckin’ brains” remark in reference to a gentleman called Black, who is one of a few freestyle rappers featured intermittently between Suge’s pontificating and threatening remarks directed at individuals who are either “telling” on people trying to do business, or just complaining about the production values of their segment on One Love Films’ previous release, One Love Vol. 7, which was more musically oriented. Don’t pass up an opportunity to screen this, uh, public service announcement and learn a little more about your city, our city, Charm City.

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