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Hide and Seek

Hide And Seek

Director:John Polson
Cast:Robert De Niro, Dakota Fanning, Elisabeth Shue
Release Date:2005

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 2/2/2005

This is one of those grownup scary movies where affluent “professional” types live in sweet New York apartments and drive in their nice cars to great old Victorian places upstate, but they have problems, and there’s a surprise-twist-shocker thing goin’ on in there. Of course, if you’ve seen the commercials for this on television, it might not be all that surprising, and, OK, even if you’ve never seen anything about this movie you’re probably gonna figure it out pretty quick and spend the rest of your hour and 40 minutes waiting for the surprise-shock twist ending. But you will be reasonably entertained by the efforts of gifted and creepazoid scary-girl Emily Callaway, as dramaturged by Dakota Fanning, along with Amy Irving, Famke Janssen, Melissa Leo, and Elizabeth Shue and her boobs to round out the estrogen side of the lineup, complementing Robert De Niro’ s big, giant, sweaty beard-stubble closeups as David Callaway, a recently widowed psychologist dealing with the emotional fallout affecting little Emily, who’s taken up with a new imaginary friend who might be doing some very bad things.

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