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Pooh's Heffalump Movie

By Lee Gardner | Posted 2/9/2005

The Winnie the Pooh crew takes on the War on Terror as that willy-nilly silly olí bear and his pals find evidence of fearsome heffalumps (think elephants) in the Hundred Acre Wood and Rumsfield stand-in Rabbit (voiced by Ken Sansom) urges a pre-emptive invasion of heffalump territory. Really, seriously, this is not mere alt-weekly snarkóthis movie is all about irrational fear of The Other, at least on one level. Of course, baby Roo (Nikita Hopkins) stumbles across baby heffalump Lumpy (Kyle Stanger, milking the cute Cockney-accented baby talk for all itís worth), and each discovers that the other isnít so scary or different after all, abetted by the usual Pooh formula of gentle slapstick, drier-than-average kid-flick humor, a few genuinely heart-tugging moments, and a handful of unmemorable but pleasant songs courtesy Carly Simon, reprising her composer role from 2003ís Pigletís Big Movie. City Paperís one-tyke age-appropriate audience sample loved it.

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