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Son of the Mask

Son of the Mask

Director:Lawrence Guterman
Cast:Jamie Kennedy, Alan Cumming, Traylor Howard, Bob Hoskins, Steven Wright, Kal Penn
Release Date:2005

Opens Feb. 18

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 2/16/2005

Oy vey, just what we were waiting for; a dunderheaded sequel to The Mask, but instead of rubber-faced funnyman Jim Carrey doing the manic superhero thing, in this instance it’s dopey-faced not-funnyman Jamie Kennedy (Malibu’s Most Wanted) squaring off against Norse god of mischief Loki (a waste of the talents of Alan Cumming), who wants that fuckin’ magical mask back. We were rootin’ for Loki, ‘cause we figured soon’s he’s got that thing back this piece of crap would be over. Children will no doubt enjoy the violence and bodily fluids flying around the screen, but any adult who’s ever appreciated old Bugs Bunny or Tom and Jerry cartoons may be mildly irritated and profoundly offended by the derivative cartoon-style action. On the other hand, if you can’t get enough of computer-animated babies doing all kinda wacky stuff and if shit like an extended infant-on-adult golden shower face-soaking scene tickles your kink bone, grab yourself a seat down in front, goofball.

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