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The Wedding Date

By Wendy Ward | Posted 2/23/2005

Debra Messing is fat, or maybe pregnant in this romantic comedy that is supposed to position her as the ’00s Meg Ryan for the next wave of rom-coms. But she’s not the worst part of The Wedding Date, a suckfest that’s downright insulting to the very audience it tries to seduce: single women in their 30s. Kat (Messing) hires an “escort” to accompany her to her baby sister’s (Amy Adams) wedding in England because the best man (Jeremy Sheffield), dumped her a coupla years back. Well-hung gigolo Nick (Dermot Mulroney) spouts Buddha Zen Master gibberish to insecure cricket Kat like they are on The Narrow Road to the Deep North and they fall for each other. Because, ya know, what boosts your confidence more than cooing in your ear from a man you paid $6,000 out of your 401 (k) to spend the weekend lying to your family and friends? And we all know it only takes 72 hours to find a soul mate outta your manwhore. See, ladies, don’t give up hope: Love is just around the corner in the English countryside if you hire a prostitute to “help” your self-esteem and open your eyes to the fact you have been alone all this time because you wanted to be. This is our option? Happy f-ing Valentine’s Day.

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