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By Joe MacLeod | Posted 3/9/2005

So, uh, in a world populated entirely by robots, some are kinda old and their paint’s peeling and stuff, but they’re happy and generally unconcerned with superficial things and just want to run well. Then there’s these other robots who buy sleek, shiny new parts for themselves. OK? Do you need anything else? Yeah, take the kids to the latest Hollywood pixelpalooza. They’ll love the fart scene and when the parts fall off the robots, and if you are impressed by the latest and statest-of-the-art computer craptronica, you’ll be diverted, even though Robin Williams still kinda manages to chew scenery and he’s just a voice for a fuckin’ computer-animated cartoon robot. There’s lotsa other celebrity voices, but so what. It doesn’t make this thing any better to know Ewan McGregor is the main nice-guy hero-bot and Halle Berry does the voice for the good-girl love interest-bot, but they do manage to give her some bot-T&A, which is kinda creepy, but whatever. Remember: Robots farting, but you don’t have to look at Robin Williams.

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