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Guess Who

By Wendy Ward | Posted 3/23/2005

Kevin Rodney Sullivan’s remake of 1967’s Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner changes up the color combo. Black girl Theresa Jones (played with a youthful stubbornness by Zoë Saldaña) and white boy Simon Green (Ashton Kutcher, playing up the physical comedy like a pro) are in love and heading to her folks’ for their 25th anniversary. Puffed-up daddy-knows-best Percy Jones (Bernie Mac, doing a fabulous Bernie Mac) feels, well, punk’d when he meets Simon, protesting that it ain’t about color, he just don’t trust the boy. Percy’s wife, Marilyn (the steady and warm Judith Scott), meanwhile, takes the love-will-keep-’em-together route. Simon tries to win Percy over by simply wearing him down, which is all slap-sticky humor, but the movie gets better during the second half, when politically incorrect jokes go just far enough to show that Guess Who is ultimately about relationships more than color, which is why this tale of love between two races, like the original, proves love isn’t black or white but a helluva lotta work

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