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By Ian Grey | Posted 5/11/2005

Upon viewing Mindhunters, one imagines a meeting taken at Miramax where a production head had a sleazeball “eureka” moment. “What about a Friday the 13th -style gore movie, but set at Guantanamo prison?” At which point, a peer may have responded, “That’s fantastic! But who would be willing to direct something so tasteless, so, well, ill?” After the services of Renny Harlin (Exorcist: The Beginning, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, Prison) were secured, cooler heads apparently prevailed. The island setting still is redolent of Guantanamo, but is used for unspecified military stuff. On the island a group of no-name actors—with cameos by Val Kilmer and Christian Slater’s naked ass—portray FBI agents who are colorfully slaughtered by a serial killer in a crime-re-enactment faux town full of dummies. “Just like the audience!” one imagines one of the film’s “screenwriters” chortling.

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