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By Joe MacLeod | Posted 6/1/2005

Jaded native-New Yorker-type zoo animals end up with their asses out in the grasses, all jungle fever-style, and there’s just enough adult and pop-culture references to keep the grownups diverted while the kiddies are cackling at all the kooky computo-tastical animals zipping around getting bonked on the head and other general making with the slapschtick. Chris Rock voices Marty, an adventurous zebra who wants you to remember he’s black with white stripes, Jada Pinkett Smith is Pretty Hot And Tempting as sassy hippo Gloria, Sacha Baron Cohen (HBO’s Da Ali G Show) rocks the party that rocks the boat as libidinous lemur king Julian, David Schwimmer annoys/amuses as schlubby giraffe Melman, and there’s these paranoid Conspiracy Theory-kinda penguins who really need their own movie, because Ben Stiller, as Alex the Lion, can’t carry a cartoon movie. And please to stick around for the fun dancing animals during the end credits.

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