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Herbie:Fully Loaded

Herbie:Fully Loaded

Studio:Buena Vista Pictures
Director:Angela Robinson
Cast:Lindsay Lohan, Michael Keaton, Matt Dillon
Release Date:2005
Genre:Action, Family, Fantasy, Kids, Adventure

By Ian Grey | Posted 6/29/2005

As with D.E.B.S., Angela Robinson’s hipster dyke take on Charlie’s Angels, Herbie: Fully Loaded shows off both the director’s passion for tweaking trash-pop material—highlighted here by the destruction of a redneck-driven monster truck by the titular plucky VW—and an excuse to flaunt her excellent CD collection, even if the retro thrills of B-side T Rex and obscure-o ’70s popsters Pilot may escape the movie’s tween target demographic. The slight plot has the magical ’60s Volkswagen discovered by Lindsay Lohan, playing a reformed street racer and daughter of retired ace driver Michael Keaton. Lohan and the bug hit it off and leave Matt Dillon’s asshole racer king eating their dust, leading to a noisy forgone conclusion of NASCAR CGI-fueled girl empowerment. Assuming she doesn’t self-implode, Lohan—a true comic natural with a Robert Altman project planned—will move on to better things, with Herbie destined to be a near-forgotten, faintly amusing graduation from her Disney roots.

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