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Wedding Crashers

By Bret McCabe | Posted 7/13/2005

Vince Vaughn could make a nun chortle in this otherwise conventional romantic comedy about womanizers finding the right women. John (Owen Wilson) is the sweet guy in this team of divorce mediators who summer as the titular pair of uninvited guests scamming women into their beds—he dances with the flower girl and says he’s a charter member of Oprah’s Book Club. Partner Jeremy (Vaughn, in lovable slimeball mold) is a fast-talking neurotic who really digs cake and says things like, “The proper woman in the hat just eye-fucked the shit out of me.” John’s conscience is making him feel sleazy, especially when he meets Clair Cleary (Rachel McAdams) at her eldest sister’s high-profile wedding presided over by their father, Treasury Secretary Cleary (Christopher Walken). This con gets stretched into a long weekend on the Clearys’ Chesapeake Bay estate as John and Jeremy stay in character long enough for John to woo Clair and Jeremy to get rubbed off at the dinner table by the psychotically giddy Cleary daughter Gloria (Isla Fisher). Luckily, Vaughn milks more snorting laughs out of a touch football game, a quail hunt, and a pair of patch-madras pants than anybody should ever have to.

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