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Sky High

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 8/10/2005

An ultralightweight family action deal wherein some kids are going to a special high school because they have special needs, i.e., they could be the next generation of superpowered comic-book-type heroes (and sidekicks) who might save Earth from giant robots and stuff. So what you got here, even with the super-style comic-book violence, is a mild-mannered super-safe bet to take the family to see, with no cursing or boneheaded double entendres or overly-tight spandex, as we watch nice, young Will Stronghold (Michael Angarano) struggle through his awkward freshman year while he tries not to disappoint his blockheaded superdad (Kurt Russell) and Realtor (who can fly) mom (Kelly Preston), while learning all about how to be a hero along with high-school stuff like getting his head gassed up by the popular crowd and girls and stuff. Top-drawer special effects and fun turns by B-horror legend Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, Army of Darkness), as the leather-lung gym coach; Kevin McDonald (TV’s Kids in the Hall), as the science teacher with the biggest and bestest oversized science-fiction skull we’ve ever seen; and Steven Strait, as the hot misunderstood rebel without a comb. And, basically, any movie where someone’s superpower is to be able to turn into a guinea pig is always gonna be OK by us.

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