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Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo

Director:Mike Bigelow
Cast:Rob Schneider, Eddie Griffin, Til Schweiger, Jeroen KrabbŽ, Hanna Verboom
Release Date:2005

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 8/17/2005

Merde, this is the dirtiest, smelliest sequel we’ve had to crawl out from behind the Film Clips desk to sit through for at least six months. Rob Schneider reprises his role as Deuce Bigalow, a reluctant “man-whore” in thrall to pimpin’-ain’t-easy pimp T.J. Hicks, portrayed with get-paid enthusiasm by the better-than-this-shit-or-is-he Eddie Griffin. We’re walking out of the theater, and one of the nice movie-marketing people is asking folks if they liked it and what their favorite part of it was, and we thought, Wow, it’s gonna be bigger laughs than in the movie if someone says, ‘Yeah, I liked the part where the lady with the penis for a nose ejaculated in a man’s soup and he ate it.’ So anyway, news flash: semen-facial gags are the new fart gags, but don’t worry, there’s a fart gag in this flick, too. Rated R, but there isn’t a letter in the fuckin’ alphabet to explain the irritating sensation of listening to people chuckle at the phrase “man-whore” for the 10th time. Movies like this make you start wondering if Michael Medved and Jerry Falwell actually have a point. It’s like, if aliens or God or whatever comes down to judge all us humans as a race, somebody hide the DVD of this thing under the sofa, OK? And Norm MacDonald is a loser, for real.

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