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Director:Clayton Allis
Cast:Sean Souza, Jenna Martinez, Malcolm Foster Smith, Dariusz M. Uczkowski
Release Date:2005

Screens at 8 p.m. Dec. 9-11 at the Top Floor.

By Bret McCabe | Posted 12/7/2005

Paul (Ismael Ruiz) is just trying to steal a car beneath a New York city bridge when something hits the hood and bounces toward the river. That something is Carl Lazarus (Sean Souza), who hangs on with his one good arm, begging help from Paul, who tumbles to a river death while saving Carl. Clayton Allis’ feature debut explores vaguely Hal Hartley territory, starting with a mundanely bizarre act that brings people who otherwise might never had met together in NYC’s crowded anonymity. Carl’s fall—a slip, he claims—and subsequent survival sends him to the Bronx to offer condolences to Paul’s widow, Marta (Jenna Martinez), and son Paul Jr. (Dariusz M. Uczkowski). Soon, Carl is shoplifting and stealing and getting friendly with Marta and her son and Paul’s former pals, including neighborhood “businessman” Roach (Malcolm Foster Smith), who suspects Carl’s bridge plunge was no accident. Falling is a finely observed, idiosyncratic slice-of-life piece set to slow boil and captured in deadpan details—dig Paul’s seriocomic funeral at a recreation center and Carl’s innocuous descent into petty thievery—to tease out Carl’s character onion as it peels off layers to reveal the lost man beneath the mild-mannered suit and good intentions.

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