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Aeon Flux

By Cole Haddon | Posted 12/7/2005

Charlize Theron’s black-vinyl-wrapped posterior gives a better performance than she does in this overstylized, MTV cartoon-based thriller set in the last city on earth—the 25th-century Bregna, veritable utopia—400 years after a viral disease wiped out all but 5 million people. Apparently, only nonwhite people, too, as a whopping two black characters emerge and only—maybe—5 percent of the extras milling about in the background appear not to have descended from European ancestry. Ah, glorious utopia—at least Trent Lott’s version of it. Then again, even a bleached version like this one comes with its drawbacks, as citizens are “disappeared.” Something is wrong in paradise, and Flux, an assassin for the Monican rebels, is sent to eliminate dynastic leaderßTrevor Goodchild (Marton Csokas—could someone give this guy a good part?). Gobbledygook ensues—something about cloning and identity and who knows what else. The bigger question: What were Theron and director Karyn Kusama (Girlfight) thinking?

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