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Comedy Is Not Funny

Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic

Director:Liam Lynch
Cast:Sarah Silverman, Bob Odenkirk
Release Date:2005

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 12/14/2005

Jesus, Jews, fucking, Sept. 11, black teenagers, Japs (as in Japanese), babies, unions, lesbians, the retarded, angels, AIDS, God, 900-calorie soy chai lattes, Osama bin Laden, dead grandmother, rape, semen in her dead grandmother’s vagina, death, doody, pubes, starving children, Africa, Martin Luther King, her father’s penis, Fiji brand bottled water, pussy, children, strippers, waxing assholes (i.e., hair removal), pornography, Jewish women, gay porn, a hole in your butt, penis, vagina, drugs, (singing) dirty gangbang cumshots, penises, Barbie, Klaus Barbie, Nazis, Hitler’s birthday, Entertainment Tonight, Ted Danson, Patrick Duffy, her niece, Hebrew school, 6 million Jews, Holocaust survivors, the Holocaust, the alleged Holocaust, Jewish people who drive German cars, Volkswagen, Mercedes, genocide, the word “chink” in the context of a joke, being called a racist, Asian people, midgets, little persons, making fun of midgets, the word “nigger,” black people, African-American people, making fun of people we are not afraid of, “the N-word,” Puerto Ricans, Gary Busey, after-show monster bong hit, “a faggot,” the opposite of FUBU, when black people call each other “niggers,” her asshole, gay pride march, talking about race, Mexican men, and “all-new material.”

Yeah, funny girl Sarah Silverman, self-described “dirty Jew” (but, you know, in a sexy way), is giving us much more than a mouthful of bad taste to swallow in her 72-minute stand-up comedy movie, loaded with narcissism, interspersed with somewhat carefully crafted comedy-within-a-comedy vignettes, and sprinkled with kooky musical pieces to give us relief from the static stage-show presentation, and allow Miss Sarah some costume changes as well as the opportunity to drive some of her unpleasant points home, as gently as the way they say some folks drove spikes through the extremities of that Jewish carpenter everybody’s always talking about.

So turn your other butt cheek and brace yourself for the Jokes, crammed with all the usual comedy-taboo-breaking subjects, as the sunny Ms. Silverman, fresh off her triumphant “Joe Franklin raped me” appearance in the comedy shock-umentary The Aristocrats, keeps her tits up and face straight while she spits out her filthy femme-fueled naughties, ever so cringe-tastic and uncomfortable-making, and easily mistaken for cheap shots, low self-esteem, and stereotype-in-barrel shooting, yes? Hmm.

Not to go all Pontius Pilate on this one or anything, because look, we understand the Idea here, at least we frequently overthink we do, but you know how much people hate ideas. Ideas are dangerous, you know? We got annoyed during this flick, but mostly by the amount of jokes we already heard or read somewhere else. Sure, they’re her jokes, but c’mon, we saw her do the “sticking out the pinkie” gag on television’s The Larry Sanders Show back in the late nineteen-hundred-and-fucking-nineties for chrissakes. We prefer a little more freshness in our dirty.

Plus, we kinda puffed out our cheeks and let a thin stream of pressurized air escape every now and then, like when she goes off on a “Martin Luther King” tangent, we’re thinking, Judas Priest, somebody, some, uh, what—“unsophisticated?” is that a good word?—citizen is gonna hear this shit and find an opportunity to punch girlfriend right in the face. Wowee, Jesus is one thing, He gets picked on alla time, but MLK, yikes, she thought she had trouble when the Asian anti-defamation crowd called her out for the “chink” crack, holy flaming fucking shit, and we ain’t gonna lie, we laughed at some of the garbage on this vile excursion. This disturbingly winsome lady can disarm and self-deprecate and distract with the irony and the cuteness, and she’s all about making sport of every part of her body, her life, and her racial profile, but we can’t help thinking: Boy, is this bitch gonna get crucified, and not just by the Jews.

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