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Fun With Dick and Jane

Fun With Dick and Jane

Director:Dean Parisot
Cast:Jim Carrey, Tea Leoni, Alec Baldwin
Release Date:2005

Opens Dec. 21

By Cole Haddon | Posted 12/21/2005

The only thing less fun than Fun With Dick and Jane is getting herpes. Veteran television director Dean Parisot has managed to suck all the life out of this movie by encouraging Jim Carrey to act serious in what should have been a laugh-out-loud comedy about an Enron-style company VP who, when his company goes bottoms up, turns to crime with his wife (Téa Leoni) to keep the family afloat. But since when did robbing Starbucks and auto dealerships pay enough to live larger than most rap stars? As the married Bonnie and Clyde wannabes Dick and Jane Harper, Carrey and Leoni are about as convincing a couple as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and their relationship with their son is, well, nonexistent: the American dream they chase involves a nanny raising their kid for them. The real tragedy here, besides the movie having only one funny sequence—Dick is accidentally deported to Mexico—is how consistently Leoni’s talent is squandered on material beneath her. By the time Hollywood realizes what a comic gold mine she really is and give her a worthy role, she’ll be too old to break out as a leading lady. (Cole Haddon) Opens Dec. 21.

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