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Director:Jeremy Haft
Cast:Jenna Dewan, Katie Stuart, Chad Faust
Release Date:2005

By Ian Grey | Posted 2/15/2006

And for this month’s Lion’s Gate horror we have Tamara, a Canadian distribution pick-up that treats Carrie like a Lego set from which to crib its component parts, rearranged here to random but undeniably soporific effect. As the movie’s pre-vengeance-wrecking loser teen, the very short Jenna Dewan looks like a Maxim model strayed from a cowgirl shoot, all dungarees, big eyes and pouts. After some assholes—including a John Travolta ringer minus the oafish charm—humiliate and accidentally kill her, she comes back from the dead via poorly researched Wicca activities looking like a Maxim girl fresh from the spring Girls of Winnipeg spread, and exacts her vengeance via low-budget telepathy effects. When not compiling his Carrie cop list—a Lindsay Lohan clone (Katie Stuart) takes the Amy Irving part, Piper Laurie’s Bad Mommy becomes an alkie Bad Daddie, etc.—director Jeremy Haft unwisely pits his teensy teen against relatively towering co-stars and grown-up sized sets, rendering her attempts to glower, negotiate 4-inch pumps, and heft an axe all at once only proving that stature and scariness are hard to separate. Still, the image is funny in an evil Wonderbra’d Minnie Mouse way—but maybe not so much after blowing $7 on this fearless feature.

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