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By Makkada B. Selah | Posted 3/1/2006

The things that pass as children’s entertainment these days: Doogal isn’t Lassie by a long shot. This titular shaggy friend is an ADD-afflicted, sugar-buzzed dog charged with saving his owner, Florence (banally voiced by Kylie Minogue), from a frozen merry-go-round when the goofy mutt trips some lever in the wacky machine that accidentally lets loose an evil pogo stick named Zeebad (Jon Stewart), the self- proclaimed “Lord of the Springs.” Sound stupid? It is. Only Teletubby-aged kids or under will find this movie the least bit engaging, but they may be confused about some of the lewd jokes told by Doogal’s guitar-playing bunny friend Dylan (Jimmy Fallon) and the sexual innuendos dropped by diva cow Ermintrude (Whoopi Goldberg) and her editorializing straight-man snail boyfriend (William H. Macy). The poor decisions here were numerous—the ‘60s-era psych-rock soundtrack? bad idea—chief among them the teen voicing the lead role. Daniel Tay doesn’t carry his share of the comedic and dramatic load in this ensemble, and only Goldberg and Stewart’s often improvised lines save this free-for-all from complete irrelevancy.

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