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Dancing Across Borders
Furry Vengance
A Nightmare On Elm Street

Posted 4/28/2010

DANCING ACROSS BORDERS This documentary follows Sokvannara "Sy" Sar, a 16-year-old Cambodian fold dancer, who comes to New York in 2001 to train as a ballet dancer. Directed by Anne Bass--the NYC socialite/philanthropist and dance patron, who underwrote Sar's studies at the School of American Ballet, making her first documentary--Borders chronicles Sar's metamorphosis from a Cambodian teenager into a ballet star. Opens April 30.

FURRY VENGEANCE A Pacific Northwest developer's new foray gets thwarted by--not kidding--woodland creatures. Directed by Roger Kumble, who debuted in 1999 with--again, not kidding--Cruel Intentions. Opens April 30.

A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Jackie Earle Haley puts on the fedora, striped sweater, and bladed glove in this remake/revamp of Wes Craven's 1984 franchise starter from director Samuel Bayer. Opens April 30.

PHANTOM LADY Robert Siodmak's 1944 adaptation of hard-boiled heavyweight Cornell Woolrich's novel stars Alan Curtis as a man framed for murdering his wife. His alibi is a mysterious woman whose name he didn't catch that he met at a bar, and it's up to his secretary (the sultry Ella Raines) to clear his name. Co-starring Elisha Cook Jr., a veritable seal of approval. At the Charles Theatre at noon May 1, at 7:30 p.m . May 3, and 9 p.m . May 6.

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