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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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Frank Klein


CARE Act Crisis: Baltimore Area HIV/AIDS Organizations Brace for Funding Cuts | Quick and Dirty by Rahne Alexander

Always Gotta be Doin' Somethin': Designing Private Worlds on the West Side | Feature by Carly Ptak

Talking Machinations: Vending Machine Co. Owner Wants Talking Head Property | Mobtown Beat by Van Smith

The Mail | Murder Ink



Smokin' Obama Super Barack Bowl: News flash: I'm totally confused. | Mr. Wrong by Joe MacLeod

Incorrect: There's no intention of getting wacky on you here, but last Friday night I had what seemed like an out-of-body experience. | Right Field by Russ Smith

Old Gags: Have you heard this one? What happens when a supposedly unpopular president gets a firm handful of satire thrown right in his face during an evening when a professional comedian is hired to do just that? Well, nothing, if you're Don Imus and the subject is Bill Clinton in 1996. | Political Animal by Brian Morton



Dirt Farm: by Ben Claassen III

Lulu Eightball: by Emily Flake



Pressing On: Boy And Girl Meet, Move In Together, And . . . Start A Magazine? | Culture by Ruth Reader

Interval Affairs: Group Show Dances In The Physical And Emotional Spaces In Between Artists' Fundamental Marks | Art by Deborah McLeod

Brenda L. Thomas: Philadelphia erotica author Brenda L. | Quick Studies

Circus Minimus: Inventive Big-Top Approach Can't Elevate Opera's Pedestrian Plot | Stage by Geoffrey Himes

Robby Rackleff: "Hi, my name is Blue Leader and I've owned every major game console for the past 15 years." These words, running across the top of an index-card sized flier, caught City Paper's eye during a gallery visit. | Games by J. Bowers



Practice Makes Perfect: Familiarity Makes The SFJazz Collective's Spontaneity All The More Rewarding | Music by Geoffrey Himes

Robert Randolph and the Family Band: Colorblind | Review by Mikael Wood

Sir Lord Baltimore: Kingdom Come | Review by Tim Ellison

Excepter: Carrots/KKKKK | Review by Marc Masters

Maypole: The Real | Review by Tim Ellison

Grinderman: No Pussy Blues | Review by Jess Harvell

The Short List



Catch and Release | Review by Cole Haddon

La Bête Humaine | Review by Bret McCabe

The Hitcher | Review by G. Brian Davis



Cazbar | Review by Richard Gorelick

Allissa's American and Indian Restaurant (Closed) | Review by Joe MacLeod


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