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Wednesday, October 13, 1999

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Christopher Myers


Our Favorite Things: Writing about books for a living means reviewing new releases, covering publishing-house hijinks, and heralding each new technological advancement in the field. | Imprints Introduction

Bright Lights, Big City: Dawn Powell and the Glory of Revival | Imprints Literary Supplement by Heather Joslyn

A Time to Be Reborn: How Dawn Powell Came Back | Imprints Literary Supplement by Heather Joslyn

Memphis in the Meantime: Peter Taylor and the Pleasure of Elegant Fiction | Imprints Literary Supplement by Eileen Murphy

Somewhere in the Back of Beyond: The Sublimely Strange Stories of Robert Aickman | Imprints Literary Supplement by Rupert Wondolowski

California Dreaming: The Old and New Worlds of John Fante | Imprints Literary Supplement by Patrick Kenndy

Life During Wartime: Nuruddin Farah's Nation of Horror and Hope | Imprints Literary Supplement by Frank Diller

This is Not Your Father's Homer: Mark Merlis Separates the Gods From the Boys | Imprints Literary Supplement by Karl Woelz

The Rest of the Story: Tracking Down Out-of-Print Books | Imprints Literary Supplement by Eileen Murphy

The Best Books You've Never Read: 1066 and All That | Imprints Literary Supplement by Miles Anderson

The Best Books You've Never Read: Fisher's Hornpipe | Imprints Literary Supplement by Carl Davies

The Best Books You've Never Read: Suds in Your Eye | Imprints Literary Supplement by Faye Houston

The Best Books You've Never Read: The Thirtieth Year | Imprints Literary Supplement by Sandy Asirvatham

The Best Books You've Never Read: Now in November | Imprints Literary Supplement by Richard Gorelick

The Best Books You've Never Read: Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me | Imprints Literary Supplement by Michael Anft

The Best Books You've Never Read: The Gormenghast Trilogy | Imprints Literary Supplement by Mahinder Kingra

The Best Books You've Never Read: A Treasury Of Railroad Folklore | Imprints Literary Supplement by Joab Jackson

The Best Books You've Never Read: Borstal Boy | Imprints Literary Supplement by Jack Purdy

The Best Books You've Never Read: Forms of Verse: British and American | Imprints Literary Supplement by Jenny Keith



Schools of Thought: School vouchers are all the political buzz—nationally, as Florida becomes the first state to... | Ballot Stuffing

His Own Council: GOP's Campbell Takes on Sheila Dixon and the Status Quo | Campaign Beat by Michael Anft

O'Malley's March: Democrat Wastes No Time Starting Transition Plans | Campaign Beat by Molly Rath

Fear of Flying: More than two years after the July 17, 1997, crash of a Baltimore City police helicopter onto The... | The Nose

Losing Perspective: The Sun's Perspective section used to be one of my favorite weekend reads, but editor Mike Adams (no relation to the Baltimore Press' Ma... | Media Circus by Eileen Murphy

Less Press: Back in March, when his Baltimore Press hit the streets, editor and publisher Mark Adams called the new daily "the latest step in a guerrilla w... | Media Circus by Eileen Murphy

Bad Sports: To sports fans, it was no shock when Orioles manager Ray Miller lost his job Oct. 7, but it may have surprised some media-watchers when The Washing... | Media Circus by Eileen Murphy

The Mail | Mobtown Beat | Mobtown Beat | Mobtown Beat



A Pain in the Glass: You know, sometimes living in a totalitarian society doesn't seem like such a bad idea. | Mr. Wrong by Joe MacLeod

Fire One: The bumper sticker read, GOD MADE MAN EQUAL. BUT COL. COLT MADE SOME MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS. | Urban Rhythms by Wiley Hall III

The Peter Principle: Then the king said, "The one says, "This is my son that is alive, and your son is dead'; while the other says, "Not so! Your son is dead, and my son i... | 8 Upper by Tom Scocca



Art | Stage



Vernon Taylor | Review by Geoffrey Himes



Learning Channel: HBO Examines Experimental D.C. School for Troubled Kids | Television by Adele Marley

Working Girls: Why Hollywood Won't Turn the Best Comic Actresses Into Movie Stars | Film by Ian Grey

Fight Club | Review by Lee Gardner

Happy, Texas | Review by Ian Grey

Romance | Review by Jack Purdy

Crusades | Review by Andy Markowitz

The Fountainhead | Review by Heather Joslyn



Niwana | Review by Susan Fradkin


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