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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

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Christopher Myers


O Holy Crap: City Paperís Annual Holiday Guide | Holiday Guide Intro

Gobble Gobble Hey: The Idyllic But Brief Life of a Domestic Turkey is Nothing If Not Mundane | Holiday Guide Feature by Erin Sullivan

The Santa Clause: Memories of a Family's Annual Search for a Black Santa | Holiday Guide Feature by Vincent Williams

Makin' Tracks: A Local Company Creates Model Train Layouts for Grownups | Holiday Guide Feature by Michelle Gienow

A Holiday Fixer-Upper: Amateur, Unlicensed Contracting Adds to the Authenticity of Baltimore-Style Gingerbread Row House | Holiday Guide Intro by Edward Ericson Jr.

Oil We Want for Christmas: City Paperís Guide to Spending Money You Donít Have | Holiday Guide Feature

Members Only: A Guide to the Privileges that Come with Membership to Local Cultural Institutions | Holiday Guide Intro

The Holiday Guide: City Paper's 2005 Guide to Seasonal Events and Places. | Holiday Guide Feature

Holiday Guide Feature | Holiday Guide Feature



Minority Report: Two weeks ago, two human-rights organizations accused the United States of discarding the lives of at least 2,225 juvenile offenders, those serving life sentences in prison without the possibility of parole. | Quick and Dirty by Christina Royster-Hemby

Alternative Hate: The First Amendment is also useful in pointing out the existence of Linder and his kind, so that reasonable minds can know that battling racism remains a never-ending endeavor. | The Nose

Too Much Bread?: Catholic Charitiesí Our Daily Bread Project, Built With Taxpayer Funds, Looks Pricey | Mobtown Beat by Edward Ericson Jr.

The Mail | Councilmania | Murder Ink



The N-Word: Quoting Mark Twain or Richard Wright is an acceptable exception. Quoting Li'l Flip or Mike Jones is not. | Social Studies by Vincent Williams

Law Unto Themselves: Itís probably a good thing for all concerned that Supreme Court justices donít have their own armies. | Political Animal by Brian Morton

Tourist Trap: Thereís nothing wrong with promoting Baltimore as ďCharm CityĒ; itís a nickname that was very successful in far bleaker economic times in the city and still has the advantage of being both innocuous but true. | Right Field by Russ Smith

Make the Call: Iím a 26-year-old single man who canít get his high-school sweetheart out of his mind. | Think Mink by Mink Stole



Lulu Eightball: by Emily Flake

Shabby Tabby: by Valerie Crosswhite



Star Search: Two New Books Examine The New Informational Overlords, Google | Books by Joab Jackson

Moving Beyond Words: Christina Mcclearyís Works Try To Examine The Feminine Mystique Of The Thirtysomething Woman | Art by J. Bowers

No Place for Children: In the center of an empty four-walled cell stands an aimless 11-year-old. | Art by Christina Royster-Hemby

From Stage to Sing: Composer Damon Ferrante Coaxes Baltimore Writer Daniel Mark Epstein To Transform His Play Into An Opera | Stage by Geoffrey Himes

This Snide of Paradise: The Jazz Age Gets Rewritten As Itís Written | Stage by John Barry

The Vow by Denene Millner, Angela Burt-Murray, and Mitzi Miller | Review by Wendy Ward

Short Stories: A Primitive Heart by David Rabe | Review by John Barry

Smartbomb: The Quest for Art, Entertainment, and Big Bucks in the Videogame Revolution by Heather Chaplin and Aaron Ruby | Review by Violet LeVoit



Tectonic Shifts: Scoring Invertebrate Pornography With The Doom-Metal Underground | Music by Jess Harvell

Trance in Our Pants: Hototogisu, True Vine, Nov. 8 | Music by Jess Harvell

MT6 Records | Review by Jess Harvell

The Short List



Walk the Line | Review by Geoffrey Himes

Bee Season | Review by Cole Haddon

Get Rich Or Die Tryin' | Review by Jason Torres

Punishment Park | Review by Bret McCabe

The Rocky Horror Picture Show | Review by Bret McCabe



Neo Viccino Bar & Grille | Review by Richard Gorelick

Brewer's Hill Pub and Grill | Review by Gadi Dechter


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