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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

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Andy Cook


The Metro Option?: Why a Subway Extension Didn't Make The Red Line Cut | Feature by Michael Byrne

Waiting For a Ride: The Red Line Gathers Steam | Feature by Michael Byrne

Insane Asylum: Iraqi Refugees Living in Baltimore Say International Rescue Committee Didn't Live Up to Its Promises | Mobtown Beat by Edward Ericson Jr.

Tangled Web: Media Circus is starting to sound like a broken record. | Media Circus by Erin Sullivan

Councilmania | What's the 311? | Murder Ink | The Mail



Deep-Fried Thoughts: I saw something on teevee the other day that just, like, totally confirmed my belief in America. | Mr. Wrong by Joe MacLeod

Time Bombs: In case anyone forgot, George W. | Political Animal by Brian Morton



Dirt Farm: by Ben Claassen III

Important Comics: by Dina Kelberman

Lulu Eightball: by Emily Flake



How We Dwell: Bryan Heyboer: Every few weekends Megan Lavelle, who lives in an unassuming second-floor apartment in lower Charles Village, has a house guest. | Art by Martin L. Johnson

Democracy Now: At Its Strongest, AVAM's Latest Mega-Theme Show Celebrates Art by The People, For The People | Art by Geoffrey Himes

Bits and Bytes: Cliff Evans' Mammoth Digital Video Speaks Loudly and Carries a Bit Shtick | Art by Martin L. Johnson

Drunken Masters: Liquor Is Quicker But Words Are Deadly in This Volatile Contemporary Classic | Stage by Geoffrey Himes

American Therapy: The Rise of Psychotherapy in the United States by Jonathan Engel | Review by Eli Perlow

The World in Six Songs: How the Musical Brain Created Human Nature by Daniel J. Levitin | Review by Michaelangelo Matos



The Royal Family: Two New Reissues Present The Jacksons as They Existed Before Michael Eclipsed Them Completely | Music by Michaelangelo Matos

Window of Opportunity: Gearie Bowman Looks At The Big Picture, While His Music Videos Play in Web Browsers | No Cover by Al Shipley

John Berndt: Occupation 1980-1990 | Review by Bret McCabe

John Berndt: The Private Language Problem: New Electro-Acoustic Compositions, 2001-2007 | Review by Bret McCabe

Yukon: Medallion | Review by Jared T. Fischer

The Short List



The Unseen: Catherine Pancake and Jai Brooks Capture a Slice of Black Baltimore Lesbian Life in Jay Dreams | Film by Jess Harvell

Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa | Review by Michael Gallucci

<I>The Great Moment</I> | Review by Rahne Alexander


Changeling | Review by Al Shipley



Tio Pepe | Review by Mary K. Zajac

Penn Street Tavern | Review by Tim Hill


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