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Wednesday, December 01, 1999

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Jefferson Jackson Steele


Soul Sister: Elizabeth Lange was a native of Saint-Domingue—present-day Haiti—whose family fled to... | Charmed Life by Tom Chalkley

Round Up the Usual Suspects: There had been 274 killings in the city this year through Nov. | The Nose

The Mail | Mobtown Beat | Feature



My Throng of Freaks: During the decade-long period that I subjected myself to the roommate thing, I managed to share a... | Germ Bag by Suz Redfearn

Women's Work, Part I: Recently, I caught a glimpse of this rather ridiculous TV commercial for online retailer | Underwhelmed by Sandy Asirvatham

Community Policing: On Nov. 27, about 300 people gathered at the corner of West North Avenue and Dukeland Street, near... | Urban Rhythms by Wiley Hall III

Our Ganglia: Have you ever gotten the feeling that Baltimore is a small town? A real small town? Well, guess what? It's not you. It's the way of the cosmos.... | Cyberpunk by Joab Jackson

A Clockwork Raven: What sort of team, then, are these Baltimore Ravens? The casual observer, watching the Corvidae out of the corner of an eye, might conclude tha... | 8 Upper by Tom Scocca



When All Hell Breaks Loose by Camika Spencer | Review by Miranda Walker




Just Desserts: Didja have Thanksgiving and lie around on the floor in a tryptophan-induced stupor from the consumption of mass quantities of hormone- and chemical-laced poultry? Spend uncomfortable moments discussing—or desperately attempting to avoid discussing—political, dietary, and spiritual belief systems with relatives? Or consume a dozen hours of football? Aiieeee. | Feedback by Joe MacLeod

This Is Hip: We're celebrating a couple of firsts here tonight," Bob Dorough told his audience. | Feedback by Geoffrey Himes

Shooting Blanks: Rage Against the Machine and the Clash Doth Protest Too Much | Music by Lee Gardner

The Sandtown Children of Praise | Review by Eileen Murphy



Man of the Century | Review by Ian Grey

End of Days | Review by Ian Grey

Best Friends | Review by Heather Joslyn

American Heart | Review by Lee Gardner

Red Dust | Review by Luisa F. Ribeiro

Les Bonnes Femmes | Review by Heather Joslyn

Baby Face | Review by Luisa F. Ribeiro



Legal Sea Foods | Review by Susan Fradkin


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