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Wednesday, December 23, 1998


Sowebo Blues: What Went Wrong—and What Might Be Going Right—in Baltimore’s Would-Be Arts Neighborhood | Feature by Brennen Jensen

Knowledge is Good: But an Education That Explores the Humanities—and Our Humanity—Is Better | Feature by Andrew Reiner

No Room at the Inn?: Shelter Having Trouble Meeting City Code | Mobtown Beat by Michael Anft

Labor Force: We East Coast types like to believe we create trends, but in the case of media giant Times Mirror, the tremors begin in California. | Media Circus by Eileen Murphy

A Dog's Life: After 20 years of breeding Chesapeake Bay retrievers, Janet Billups knows what she wants out of her dogs. She wants her dogs to be the toughest dogs on the block. | Charmed Life by Charles Cohen

The Mail



Indian Reservations: A new owner is expected to be announced by Super Bowl Sunday in late January. The first thing the new owners should do is make sure they have enough funds in the bank to cover their check. The second thing is change the team's name. | Urban Rhythms by Wiley Hall III

Here’s to the Winners: There is much to be said in favor of cheering for the underdog in sports. Much of it has already been said, in fact, and I’ve said some of it myself. | 8 Upper by Tom Scocca

Hang Ten: Since The Man only lets me crack wise on a biweekly basis, I missed out on all of last week’s top-10 year-in-review action. But ain’t nobody preventing me from whipping out my very own first-ever top-10 forecast for the future. | Mr. Wrong by Joe MacLeod



Zine Pool: Most science-fiction zines are waaay too geeky for my taste (even though I’m geek-leaning myself), but Planet X is an exception. by Melanie Scott

War Boots Built on Seeds: | Bones by George M. Bowen

Transmogrified: In Dave McKean’s Photos, Things Aren’t Always What They Seem | Art by Mike Giuliano

Brewster’s Dozens: Grimaldis Show Reflects Painter’s Productivity, Muscular Style | Art by Robert Schreur

Evening by Susan Minot | Review by Eileen Murphy

Another Africa by Robert Lyons, photographer, Chinua Achebe, essay and poems | Review by Miranda Walker

Cole Porter: A Biography by William McBrien | Review by Jack Purdy



Afghan Whigs: 1965 | Review by Scott Carlson

Art Ensemble of Chicago: Coming Home Jamaica | Review by Chris Barrett

Metallica: Garage Inc. | Review by Larry Nichols

Bad Livers: Industry and Thrift | Review by Scott Carlson



Down in the Delta | Review by Jack Purdy

Shakespeare in Love | Review by Jack Purdy

Stepmom | Review by Luisa F. Ribeiro

The Celebration | Review by Heather Joslyn



Roland Park Bakery and Deli | Review by J. Arthur Merritt


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