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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

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Jefferson Jackson Steele


Empty Chair: A Morgan State University Faculty Member Is Fired After Blowing The Whistle On The School’S Hiring Practices | Mobtown Beat by Gadi Dechter

Electric Backslide: Remember “electric choice”? That plan for you, the consumer, to reap big savings on your electric bills from competition and market forces? The Maryland Public Service Commission remembers. | Quick and Dirty by Edward Ericson Jr.

Chastity Belt: MEN OF MARYLAND: You’ve maybe got just a few months left to file a lawsuit to protect your lady’s honor. House Bill 447, sponsored by House Judiciary Committee vice-chair Del. | The Nose

A Shot at Redemption: The Three Men Killed in a Remington Recovery Home Last Month Weren’t Just Three More Baltimore Murders | Feature by Ron Cassie

The Mail | Murder Ink | Mobtown Beat



The New Thugs: Conservatives at this point play the equivalence card: “Yeah, well Democrats do it, too,” they say. | Political Animal by Brian Morton

Low Fidelity: Perhaps the mayor, a lifelong Democrat who’s no fan of George W. Bush, might now sympathize with those who tar the president as a former cokehead and claim that he still drinks on the sly.Right Field by Russ Smith

Holiday Helper: I’m not gonna judge anybody on their barbaric rituals since I’m all about Super Bowl, right? | Mr. Wrong by Joe MacLeod

Chat Her Up: The problem is that now the two of you have backed yourselves and each other into tight, angry corners. | Think Mink by Mink Stole



Sheet Comics: by The Hussey Bros.

Lulu Eightball: by Emily Flake



Musical Errs: Pantomime, Interpretive Dance, and Shakespeare Just Don’t Mix | Stage by Anna Ditkoff



Body of Soul: With His Confident Debut Album, Singer/Songwriter J-Soul Reveals A Sound With Substance | Music by Bret McCabe

J-Roddy Walston and the Business | Review by J. Bowers

The Short List | Music



The Sea Inside | Review by Eric Allen Hatch

The Assassination of Richard Nixon | Review by Lee Gardner

Because of Winn-Dixie | Review by Violet LeVoit

Son of the Mask | Review by Joe MacLeod



The 23rd Degree Restaurant and Wine Bar | Review by Richard Gorelick

MaGerk's Pub and Grill | Review by Wendy Ward


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