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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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Frank Klein


Looking for Closure: Stalled Development Puts Mamie's Café Proprietor In Dire Straits | Mobtown Beat by Chris Landers

Unfinished Business: Judge Hears Case In Which Contractor Allegedly Ripped Off Couple On Home Renovation | Mobtown Beat by Edward Ericson Jr.

In Between Days: Baltimore's Transgendered Population Navigates A World That Only Sees Biological Male And Female | Feature by Laura Laing

The Mail | Murder Ink | The News Hole



View From Abroad: Sometimes it's refreshing to get away from the nonstop clatter of daily news. | Political Animal by Brian Morton

Fresh Out: As the 1996 presidential election was winding down, an exasperated Bob Dole, unable to gain any traction against President Clinton, asked the assembled at a Houston rally, "Where's the outrage?" Dole, who ran a lackluster campaign that was mocked even in Republican circles, cited a litany of alleged fundraising abuses in the Clinton/Gore re-election effort and claimed that the media was in the tank for the incumbent. Nearly 11 years later, The Sun's Dan Rodricks, in a different political context, reprised Dole's cry in his March 4 column, with this lead sentence: "Where has all the outrage gone? Gone shopping, everyone. | Right Field by Russ Smith

The Business of America: So, I walk into my ol' comic-book store last Wednesday at about 12:30 like I do every week, and I've got that J. | Social Studies by Vincent Williams



Lulu Eightball: by Emily Flake

Dirt Farm: by Ben Claassen III



Working Stiffs: Humor Became Dana Kollmann's Armor Against Harrowing Crime Scenes As A Baltimore County Forensic Scientist | Books by Anna Ditkoff

Snow Job: Calibrating The Eyes To Notice The Light And Dark Sophistication Of Camille Pissarro | Art by Bret McCabe

History Lessons...: ...Completely Unnecessary For These Two Otherwise Topnotch, Short Plays | Stage by Geoffrey Himes

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home, Part 1 by Joss Whedon and Georges Jeanty | Review by Ian Grey

Other People's Property: A Shadow History of Hip-Hop in White America by Jason Tanz | Review by Felicia Pride



This Is a Love Song: Getting To the Soul of the Boredoms By Going Back To Their Roots | Music by Jess Harvell

Pantha Du Prince: This Bliss | Review by Michaelangelo Matos

Cassette: Beautiful California | Review by Raymond Cummings

Lucinda Williams: West | Review by Kevin O’Donnell

Greg Brown: The Evening Call | Review by Geoffrey Himes

MIMS: This Is Why I'm Hot | Review by Jess Harvell

The Short List



God Grew Tired of Us | Review by Bret McCabe

The Man Who Loved Women | Review by Bret McCabe

Inland Empire | Review by Bret McCabe

I Think I Love My Wife | Review by Cole Haddon



Blue Agave Restaurante y Tequileria | Review by Richard Gorelick

Patisserie Poupon | Review by Bret McCabe


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