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Wednesday, March 27, 2002

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Joseph Kohl


Foiled Again: 'Tis spring, and any day now the buds will start pushing through the aluminum foil on Bill... | Charmed Life by Tom Chalkley

Bushwhacked: Mayor Martin O'Malley has been on a political high horse lately, skewering the state's top... | The Nose

Philadelphia Story: The Nose hears that the most prominent member of Mayor Martin O'Malley's administration aside from... | The Nose

That's Sportsertainment: On a January night in 1993, in between halves of a Maryland/Oklahoma college men's basketball game at the Baltimore Arena, Nestor Aparicio saw ... | Media Circus by Michael Anft

The Mail | Mobtown Beat | Feature



Psychic Friends: She sounded so bitchy and demanding, I just knew she was the right woman for the job. | Germ Bag by Suz Redfearn

Mini Me: I'm telling you, every once in a while I can see it, I can really see it, and right now, baby, I... | Mr. Wrong by Joe MacLeod

Girl Crazy: I am a 22-year-old woman, and my girlfriend of one and a half years, who is 20, has just... | Think Mink by Mink Stole

Fear and Loathing: If I were to write a 1984-type novel in March 2002, I don't think I'd focus on the victims of... | Urban Rhythms by Wiley Hall III

Foul Ball: It seems small-minded, after a weekend of heart-stopping basketball action, to care about free throws. Maryland's victory over Connecticut in t... | 8 Upper by Tom Scocca



"Shoot," "Darn," and "Crud": March 18-24 | Funny Paper by Scocca & MacLeod



Art | Art | The Arts



E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial | Review by Ian Grey

Blade II | Review by Ian Grey

Panic Room | Review by Eric Allen Hatch

The Ten Commandments | Review by Joe MacLeod

Andrei Rublev | Review by Lee Gardner

Death to Smoochy | Review by Andy Markowitz

Dial M for Murder | Review by Luisa F. Ribeiro

Kissing Jessica Stein | Review by Adele Marley



Suzie's Soba 1 | Review by Michelle Gienow

Tashes Ankh | Review by Michelle Gienow


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