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Wednesday, March 28, 2001

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Uli Loskot


Renaissance Man: Officially, Theodoros Roditis is a sewing-machine repairperson. | Charmed Life by Charles Cohen

Workers' Condensation: Hands are getting shaky at City Hall and other municipal outposts in the wake of Mayor Martin... | The Nose

Turtle Wax and Wane: On the one hand, the Terrapins are riding high. After slaughtering Stanford, they face an exciting... | The Nose

The Mail | Mobtown Beat | Mobtown Beat | Mobtown Beat | Feature



My Niece, the Oracle at Delphi: Due to a gruesome injury earlier this week, Suz was unable to write a new column--so we offer up... | Germ Bag by Suz Redfearn

Ready for My Close-up: I'm not star-struck or anything--I mean, OK, maybe if I ever get to meet Anthony Zerbe or somebody... | Mr. Wrong by Joe MacLeod

Eyelashes for Cash: I'm broke. I also seem to attract unwanted attention from time to time. | Think Mink by Mink Stole

Pay Dirt: I am the direct descendant of enslaved Africans. My mother's side of the family was held in North... | Urban Rhythms by Wiley Hall III

PowerPointless: I know a woman who disciplines her children with PowerPoint briefing charts. Well, the stapled handouts themselves aren't the actual punishment; it's ... | Cyberpunk by Joab Jackson

The Final Frontier: BWI Airport, March 25--A little after 6 a.m., the heroes begin to emerge from the chartered plane, lanky silhouettes against the apricot-colored dawn.... | 8 Upper by Tom Scocca



Layered Snack: March 19-25 | Funny Paper by Scocca & MacLeod



Death Eats a Chipwich: 6:45? Work, school, unemployment, whatever the lifestyle, 6:45 is too fucking early for an evening of arena-style Rock 'n' Roll. | Feedback by Joe MacLeod

Harvest Time: Navasha Daya has a halo. | Feedback by Lee Gardner



Say It Isn't So | Review by Ian Grey

Faithless | Review by Jaimie Baron

Crimes of Passion | Review by Ian Grey

Mystic Pizza | Review by Jack Purdy

Someone Like You | Review by Ian Grey

The Brothers | Review by Jaimie Baron



Arizona Tapas Bar and Grill | Review by Susan Fradkin


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