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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

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Frank Klein


Kingdom Come: Bossman Conquered His Hometown, Though Not Without A Fight. Is He Ready To Take on the World? | Feature by Al Shipley

Hungry for Money: Changes to the Ryan White Care Act Put Moveable Feast At Odds With Local HIV Group | Mobtown Beat by Jason Torres

Still Separate, Still Unequal: Bill To Offer Equal Rights To Transgender Individuals Fails In State Senate | Mobtown Beat by Laura Laing

Stalemate: Brooklyn Residents Square Off With Nightclub Neighbor | Mobtown Beat by Chris Landers

Councilmania | Murder Ink | The Mail



Bad Science: It's become very clear that policy has taken a backseat to politics under the Bush administration over the last six years. | Political Animal by Brian Morton

Bring on the Major Leagues: Major League Baseball's spring training schedule is either too long or, in the modern communications age, simply over-reported. | Right Field by Russ Smith

The Namesake: Oh, Barack Obama, you scamp, how I love you! Not for anything as silly as, I don't know, your politics. | Social Studies by Vincent Williams



Dirt Farm: by Ben Claassen III

Lulu Eightball: by Emily Flake



Transmodern Times: 4th Annual Festival Welcomes Small Bevy of Internationally Renown Performers | The Arts by Violet LeVoit

Christopher Tate: Maryland Institute College of Art interactive media senior Christopher Tate thought he alighted upon a wily way to repay his college loans last November when he came across a Polaroid of comedian Carlos Mencia with two unidentified men. | Art by Bret McCabe

Happy Days: Eugene O’Neill Probably Never Knew Them, But He Gives It His Best Shot With Ah, Wilderness! | Stage by John Barry

Tiny Alice by Edward Albee: At Vagabond Players through April 1 | Stage by R. Darryl Foxworth

Exile and the Kingdom by Albert Camus | Review by Zak M. Salih

Faking It: The Quest for Authenticity in Popular Music by Hugh Barker and Yuval Taylor | Review by Raymond Cummings

The Deserter's Tale: The Story of an Ordinary Soldier Who Walked Away from the War in Iraq by Joshua Key, as told to Lawrence Hill | Review by Raymond Cummings



Digital Love: Battles, Dark Water Transit, Yukon, Ottobar, March 20 | Feedback by Jess Harvell

Postrock Jock Jams: Explosions in the Sky, Paper Chase, Eluvium, 9:30 Club, March 17 | Feedback by Jess Harvell

Grindstone: Shining | Review by Lee Gardner

Panther: Secret Lawns | Review by Raymond Cummings

Magda: She's a Dancing Machine | Review by Michaelangelo Matos

Ry Cooder: My Name Is Buddy | Review by Jim Breihan

RJD2: The Third Hand | Review by Michaelangelo Matos

The Short List



The Director's Cut: A Decade After Pitching His Story Idea, Screenwriter Scott Frank Makes His Debut Behind The Camera | Film by Cole Haddon

Shortbus | Review by Wendy Ward

The Namesake | Review by Bret McCabe

The Lookout | Review by Bret McCabe



La Scala Ristorante Italiano | Review by Richard Gorelick

Kiko's Mexican Restaurant | Review by Christopher Skokna


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