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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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Frank Klein


Moving on Down: One Month in the Lives of a Homeless Couple Just Trying To Get By | Feature by Van Smith

Sticks and Stones: Children’s Advocates Come Down On Police For Treatment of Developmentally Disabled Boy | Mobtown Beat by Christina Royster-Hemby

Signs, Everywhere Signs: Citizens Unite To Do Away With Illegal Real Estate Signs | Mobtown Beat by Edward Ericson Jr.

Exotic Ethics: A recent report obtained by the Nose on Baltimore’s city employee pension system by the nonprofit, right-leaning Calvert Institute for Policy Research suggests that the pension board is a less than serious custodian of the $1 billion-plus under its control. The report, dated March 23, reveals that the city Employees’ Retirement System’s fund manager, Callen Associates, has been sued by the city of San Diego for failure to disclose conflicts of interest, and that investment income on the city employee pension fund has fallen some $33 million short of benchmarks—although the huge fund is still solvent. The report criticizes the system’s Board of Trustees as “amateur” but gives few details. | The Nose

Councilmania | The Mail | Murder Ink | The News Hole



Paper Poop: And what’s with the names of newspapers, huh? I mean, jeez, The Sun? There’s like a billion papers called that probably, right? | Mr. Wrong by Joe MacLeod

Examined: It will take at least six months to get a bead on the Examiner’s potential | Right Field by Russ Smith

Rain Delay: Lawmakers knew the stakes. A long hot summer, a deadline for 72 percent electricity rate hikes, a fall election, and plenty of blame to go around. | Political Animal by Brian Morton

Pick and Choose: First of all, homosexuality isn’t like snake handling or Catholicism; it isn’t a cult or a religion you can be recruited for or converted to. | Think Mink by Mink Stole



Lulu Eightball: by Emily Flake

Shabby Tabby: by Valerie Crosswhite



Author! Author!: Shana Yarborough Wants the Authors She Publishes to Feel Essential | Books by Violet LeVoit

What’s in a Name?: Artworks Better Than Theme in Group Show | Art by Bret McCabe

17th National Drawing and Print Competitive Exhibition: Goya-Girl Press director Amy Eva Raehse is known for singling out cutting-edge contemporary artists. | Art by J. Bowers

Common People: Tom Stoppard's Early Work Flips Classes and Tones of Shakespeare Tragedy | Stage by Geoffrey Himes

The Dead Emcee Scrolls: The Lost Teachings of Hip-Hop by Saul Williams | Review by Felicia Pride



Mr. Get Familiar: Boston’s Clinton Sparks Smashes Radio Every Weekend in Baltimore and Beyond | Music by Kye Stephenson

The Short List: WEDNESDAY: Grandpappy street punks the Subhumans grease up their spikes at the Ottobar with Caustic Christ, Gorilla Angreb, and 1905. | Music by Jess Harvell

So Fresh, So Clean: Man-Children Sing Sweet Nothings to High-Schoolers, Exes, and Strippers | Music by Mikael Wood

Joe Nice | Review by Jess Harvell



Blue Velvet | Review by Lee Gardner

Preaching to the Choir | Review by Bret McCabe

Dead Teenagers | Review by Bret McCabe

Turn Left at the End of the World | Review by Gadi Dechter

Nine Lives | Review by Wendy Ward

The Passenger | Review by Bret McCabe

The Ritchie Boys | Review by Bret McCabe

Phat Girlz | Review by Joe MacLeod

Daltry Calhoun | Review by Anna Ditkoff



Giant Food No. 159 | Review by Joe MacLeod

Pazza Luna Trattoria Italiana | Review by Richard Gorelick


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