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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

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Frank Klein


The Big Payback: Baltimore City School System Asks 52 Elementary Schools to Give Back Monies Allocated for Gifted and Talented Programs | Mobtown Beat by Walaika Haskins

Paper Chase: Bill Mandating Reform for the State's Computer Voting System Stalls in Annapolis | Mobtown Beat by Van Smith

A Fair to Remember: "Ladies and Gentlemen: Calling to mind that we are gathered in Baltimore, we cannot fail to note that the world moves." | Charmed Life by Brennen Jensen

Out of Africa: International Scam Artists Steal Big Money Through a New Telephone Service for the Deaf--and AT&T and the State of Maryland Benefit | Feature by Edward Ericson Jr.

The Mail



Graduation Day: Because really, usually, The Future, for You, Graduate? It's in Food Service, motherfucker. | Mr. Wrong by Joe MacLeod

Remember Inglewood: It's likely that you've set foot in a Wal-Mart before. Sadly, you might have even bought something. | Political Animal by Brian Morton

Vice Squad: Pop quiz: Name one politician in the past 30 years who's besotted the mainstream media with more fervor than John McCain? | Right Field by Russ Smith

Opposite Attracts: As of late, as if by karmic poetic irony, I find myself hopelessly gushy-eyed over a 34-year-old marketing director who has the classic good looks you'd see in Cosmo and an attitude to match. | Think Mink by Mink Stole

Make That Change: Prior to its premiere on FX on Easter Sunday, there was a lot of hype about Redemption, a TV movie based on the life of Stanley "Tookie" Williams. | Third Eye by Afefe Tyehimba



Lulu Eightball: by Emily Flake



Builder of Dreams: Master Planner James Rouse Believed that Business Could Build a Better World. But a New Book Asks: Was Believing Enough? | Books by Brennen Jensen

Dialogue Box: A Crisp Cast Captures David Mamet's Stilted Diction in Speed-the-Plow | Stage by Geoffrey Himes

Fine Lines: At Goya-Girl, Changes to the Revamped Space May be Easy to Spot, But its New Show Requires a Closer Look | Art by J. Bowers



Something From Nothing: This Year's Once.Twice Festival Serves Up the Sights and Sounds of Minimal Effort | Music by Tony Ware

White Blood Sells: The Fiery Half of the Flat Duo Jets, Dexter Romweber Broke in the Next Generation of Garage-Rocking Duos | Music by Rob Trucks

The Short List



Kill Bill: Vol. 2 | Review by Eric Allen Hatch

Dogville | Review by Ian Grey

The Alamo | Review by Blake de Pastino

The Candidate | Review by Eric Allen Hatch

Johnson Family Vacation | Review by Troy Hopper

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised | Review by Eric Allen Hatch

The Whole Ten Yards | Review by Joe MacLeod



Glory Days Grill | Review by Michelle Gienow

Morning Edition Café | Review by Richard Gorelick


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