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Wednesday, May 31, 2000

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Michelle Gienow


Liquor Store Licked?: Those charged with looking out for a community's best interests are generally chagrined by the... | The Nose

Charlie Hustle: After two and a half years of legal wrangling, it seemed Circuit Court Judge Ellen Heller had... | The Nose

Last Word on Furious George: Nearly lost amid the postmortems on a federal jury's May 22 decision to award $178,000 to two... | The Nose

*Charmed Life*: History museums are usually opened to mark moments long gone, to make political points, or to add... | Charmed Life by Charles Cohen

The Voice of Resentment: Maybe he's not that bad, thought I. After all, it had been years since I listened to Ron Smith, the self-proclaimed "Voice of Reason" and dean ... | Media Circus by Tom Chalkley

Condemned: Do I detect a pattern? Some weeks ago, The Sun ran an editorial in favor of the west-side development scheme sponsored by the Weinberg Foundati... | Media Circus by Tom Chalkley

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Wheels on Fire: What made me think I could bike 36 miles in one afternoon, I have no idea. | Germ Bag by Suz Redfearn

It's Only a Movie: When you're at the movies, shut up, OK? Just shut the fuck up. Please. It's very simple. Shut up. | Mr. Wrong by Joe MacLeod

Dead Wrong: In my opinion, the most damning argument against the death penalty is this: Our country's most... | Urban Rhythms by Wiley Hall III

Eye Opener: It was weird. One person in the office where I work had casually mentioned that he is looking into laser eye surgery--the elective procedure that can ... | Cyberpunk by Joab Jackson

A Day at the Races: PIMLICO, May 25--How many times has the sports world turned since Red Bullet hit the finish line here five days ago? The Lakers and the Knicks have bo... | 8 Upper by Tom Scocca



Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee | Review by Frank Diller

Art | Bones | Zine Pool | Stage | Stage | Stage



A Taste of Brazil: Sampling a Smorgasbord of New South American Sounds | Music by Lee Gardner

Joe Francavilla | Review by Adam Baer



Punch the Clock: ABC's Animated Clerks Is No Bargain | Television by Adele Marley

The Saragossa Manuscript | Review by Jack Purdy

Time Code | Review by Ian Grey

Amarcord | Review by Lee Gardner

Eating Raoul | Review by Heather Joslyn

Wattstax | Review by Heather Joslyn

The Last September | Review by Luisa F. Ribeiro

Mission: Impossible 2 | Review by Ian Grey

Shanghai Noon | Review by Joe MacLeod



Luverta's | Review by Susan Fradkin


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