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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

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Sam Holden


Baltimore is Blowing Up: City Paper's 2005 Big Music Issue | Introduction

Home Bass: Michael Formanek’s One-Man Jazz Revival | Big Music Feature by Geoffrey Himes

Split Revel: Lea Gilmore Fuses the Blues Agony and Ecstasy | Big Music Feature by Robbie Whelan

Sixteen to Life: Teenage MC Ammo Sets His Sights | Big Music Feature by Jason Torres

These Restless Minds: Rjyan Kidwell Molts Into His Latest Musical Skin | Big Music Feature by Tom Breihan

Margin Walkers: If Baltimore Isn’t a “Music Town,” Well, Why Not? | Big Music Feature by Seb Roberts

Big Music Mix Thing: Our Very First, Maybe Annual, and Quite Official City Paper Downloadable Mix Of Local Music | Big Music Feature



If You Build It: Local Housing Activism Group Explains Its Beef With City Council President Sheila Dixon | Mobtown Beat by Stephen Janis

Downright Unneighborly: Frankford Residents Protest BGE’s Use Of Chemical Herbicides In Their Neighborhood | Mobtown Beat by Charles Cohen

Forever Young: In 1997, The Sun reported how then-state Sen. | The Nose

Party Downing: The third anniversary of the meeting at No. | Quick and Dirty by Erin Sullivan

Councilmania | Murder Ink | The Mail



Excuses, Excuses: Everyone knows that there are things one doesn't talk about, like who is with the CIA. | Political Animal by Brian Morton

Party Crashers: It’s important to note that Mehlman, given his background in this state and the very competitive gubernatorial and senate elections, will be a frequent behind-the-scenes strategist for both Steele and Ehrlich. | Right Field by Russ Smith

Fred Sanford Watches Over Us: The older I get, the less I understand my little brothers and sisters, the less I enjoy the same entertainment that they do and, most frighteningly, the less I really want to talk to them. | Social Studies by Vincent Williams

Lance, a Lot: To see an athlete retire with class and grace at the pinnacle of his career is double super-secret rare. | Benchwarmer by Gabriel Wardell

Homebody: As for the parents, you can tell them you’re really sad that your decision is making them so unhappy, but that they’re always welcome to visit and you hope they’ll come often. (You have to say that even if you hate the idea.) | Think Mink by Mink Stole



Lulu Eightball: by Emily Flake

Sheet Comics: by The Hussey Bros.



Their Letter Selves: Designers Nolen Strals And Bruce Willen Are Just the Type to Take You Through Their Alphabet Feat | Art by J. Bowers

Median Cool: A Quick Look At Six Of Artscape’s Many Exhibitions | Art by Bret McCabe

The Art in Artscape: Visual Arts Exhibits at Artscape 2005 | The Arts

A Face in the Crowd: Amelia’s Journey Reexamines America’s Favorite 1930s Female Pilot | Stage by John Barry

Divided Kingdom by Rupert Thomson | Review by Bret McCabe



Set List: Music and Other Performance at the 2005 Artscape Festival | Music by Anna Ditkoff

The Short List



Hustle and Flow | Review by Jason Torres

The Devil's Rejects | Review by Ian Grey

Dementia 13 | Review by Bret McCabe



Joy America Café | Review by Richard Gorelick

Evergreen | Review by Tim Hill


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