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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

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Jefferson Jackson Steele


Big in Japan: Hate if you want, but Amotion, the petite white girl from Boston, is putting B’More rap on the map—across the Pacific | Big Music Feature by Jason Torres

Lady’s Choice: From Douglass High to “club&b” to debut soul splash, Paula Campbell makes her own way | Big Music Feature by Jaye Hunnie

Sax and the City: From Mickey Fields to Antonio Hart, Baltimore’s saxophonists straddle north and south, the profane and the sacred | Big Music Feature by Geoffrey Himes

Moments in Time: His new compilation project—hundreds of hours of pure, unrehearsed recordings—might be the only proof that Shelly Blake really exists | Big Music Feature by Bret McCabe

Oddfellows Local: Don’t call it a scene—some Baltimore indie rockers just want to sing rather than scream | Big Music Feature by Tom Breihan

Big Music Issue: When Nathan Carter passed away last week, Morgan State University lost its esteemed choir director, Baltimore lost one of its greatest cultural ambassadors, and music lost one of those klieg-light talents that don’t walk among us too often. | Big Music Feature

Prime Scene Investigation: One week in Baltimore’s fast and cool, hot or not nightlife | Big Music Feature by Melissa Flanzraich



Miscarriage of Justice: A Baltimore Woman Says Her 16-Year-Old Daughter’s Miscarriage While in Custody at the Baltimore City Detention Center Has Gone Untreated for More Than a Month | Mobtown Beat by Edward Ericson Jr.

Weighty Issue: Health officials say obesity is a growing problem for low-income Inner-city children. | Mobtown Beat by Christina Royster-Hemby

With Friends Like These . . .: The Nose has an old saying: “Hold your friends close and your enemies’ clothing.” It sums up our philosophy and has the added advantage of being obscure. | The Nose

Hometown Boy: The Nose was flattered to receive an invitation to the private opening of Gardel’s supper club, the new restaurant scheduled to open July 25 in the former City Life Museums’ Fava Building. | The Nose

From the West Side to the Middle East: On City Council candidate Eliot Cahan’s Web site,, the Republican (and only) challenger to the self-proclaimed “dean” of the City Council, Rikki Spector (D-5th), tells supporters that “Cahan Can.” He can, he says, make streets safe, promote jobs and economic development for Baltimore, and restore ethics to the council. But he can’t do it from Israel, which is where Cahan has decided to move in September. | Quick and Dirty by Erin Sullivan

Life Returns to City Life: On July 24, the lights go back on in the Fava Building at Lombard and President streets. | Quick and Dirty by Erin Sullivan

Your Art Not Here: City Hall is not an art gallery,” says Izzy Patoka, director of the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods and the mayor’s liaison to Baltimore’s Jewish community. | Quick and Dirty by Van Smith

The Mail | Murder Ink



Misery Loves Company: You’re not in hell, you’re just in hell adjacent. Real hell would be if this woman left her husband and married you. | Think Mink by Mink Stole

Guilty Until Proven Incoherent: Look, I don’t know about you, but every once in a while I get Ideas, so lemme bounce this one off you; let’s all vote for Mrs. Dick Halliburton-Cheney and Mrs. John Kerry-Steada-Bush for President and Co-President of The United States of America, umkay? | Mr. Wrong by Joe MacLeod

Get to Work!: If you acted like this in your day job, you’d be fired. | Political Animal by Brian Morton

A Matter of Principle: Two summers ago, while attending a Sunday afternoon game at Yankee Stadium, my two sons received a lesson about the dregs of society that they’ll never forget. | Right Field by Russ Smith



Lulu Eightball: by Emily Flake



Spouse Detective: Baltimore playwright Joe Dennison gives marriage a mysterious edge in Air/Ice. | Stage by John Barry

Art Scrape: CP critics scrounge through Artscape’s on-site exhibits | Arts and Entertainment by J. Bowers, Cara Ober and Bret McCabe



The Door in the Floor | Review by Ian Grey

A Cinderella Story | Review by Violet LeVoit

I, Robot | Review by Joe MacLeod

Stardust Memories | Review by Eric Allen Hatch

The Story of the Weeping Camel | Review by Tim Hill



Dog House | Review by Erin Sullivan


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