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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

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Carly Ptak


Power to the People: Organizations Flock To Annapolis To Protest BGE Rate Hikes | Mobtown Beat by Laura Laing

HUD-aches: HUD Inspector General Opens Investigation of Equitable Trust Mortgage Corp. | Mobtown Beat by Edward Ericson Jr.

Feature | Murder Ink | The Mail | Campaign Beat



Escalation of Hostilities on Hostilities of Escalation: The last time my column ran (which was, like, two weeks ago, because even though I been steady-filing my crap On The Regular for, like, 10 years--which even if you correct for the every-other still means five years--I still gets No Love and only make it in this space every-other-week in a fucking Weekly paper for fuck's sake) my Thesis Statement, if you will, was something to the effect of "People at the airport are generally in a hurry, and there are moving conveyances that help people to hurry better, and if you're on one of 'em, such as escalator or elevator, please to move your feet and/or Get the Fuck Out of My Way," except, of course, it was presented and padded and fluffed and stretched out in an entertaining and informative manner, naturellement. Anyway, "M.D.," of parts unknown, read my column, for which I am eternally grateful, and then sent me this electronic missive, which I will quote right here: [Hey screwball, It's people like you that bug the crap out of me. | Mr. Wrong by Joe MacLeod

Supreme Assholes: Ever since the 2000 election, when television network news broadcasters began the practice of dividing the country into "red" and "blue" states, the conservative part of the country has seemed to want to hasten the divide.  Nearly two years ago in this column, I wrote of the man who now sits in the chief justice chair of the Supreme Court, "if there's one thing that [John] Roberts can safely be accused of, it is that he is an asshole." And due to the efforts of the Roberts court, with freshman justice Samuel Alito safely ensconced within it, we have begun working our way toward the half-asshole nation. "The Constitution follows the flag," Finley Peter Dunne's fictional character Mr. | Political Animal by Brian Morton



Dirt Farm: by Ben Claassen III

Lulu Eightball: by Emily Flake



Hollow Men: Neil Labute Play As One-Dimensional Male as the Adolescent Joke About Fat Girls And Mopeds | Stage by Geoffrey Himes

Boston Marriage: What is speech? David Mamet explains it through the voice of Claire, one of two high-society, Victorian-era lesbians in his period piece Boston Marriage, currently being performed by the Mobtown Players: "I had often thought it was as the chirping of birds." Aptly put from a playwright whose stage works are deeply involved studies in maddening, sometimes chaotic dialogue and action more often suggested rather than shown. The three-act plot starts with older, more jaded Anna (Windy Marshall) showing off a beautiful necklace given to her by a rich sugar daddy whom she has seduced into financing an opulent lifestyle for herself and her younger paramour Claire (Kerry Brady). | Stage by Robbie Whelan

Pattern Recognition: Legendary Quilts From Gee's Bend, Ala., Finally Visit Baltimore | Art by Deborah McLeod

On the Corner: Newest Local Art Gallery Occupies One Highly Visible Corner Of An Up-And-Coming Area | Art by Jason Hughes



Rumpofsteelskin: Canadian Synth-Funk Duo Chromeo Just Wants To Love You '80s-Style | Music by Tony Ware

The Short List



Just His Luck: Nice Guy John Krasinski Forges Career Playing, Well, Nice Guys | Film by Cole Haddon

Transformers | Review by Jess Harvell

The Golden Door | Review by Bret McCabe

Le Samouraļ



Babalu Grill | Review by Richard Gorelick

Mary Mervis | Review by Bret McCabe


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