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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

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Ben Cricchi


Accidental Justice: Despite Foe’s Best Efforts, a Controversial Real-Estate Investor Gets Light Treatment in Drunk-Driving Case | Mobtown Beat by Van Smith

Held Back: Charter-School Groundswell Faces Resistance From City School Board | Mobtown Beat by Anna Ditkoff

Kerry’d Away: The Nose has never been much for $1000-a-head political fund raisers. | The Nose

Basu? No, Bas-YOU!: Last week, Optimal Solutions Group, a local economic research firm, sent a curt message to Johns Hopkins University. | The Nose

Out of the Past: For six years I’ve been running with an open-ended assignment to chase down the illusive Charmed Life. | Charmed Life by Charles Cohen

The Mail | Feature



Hate Speech: Mayor Martin O’Malley, for example, has a reputation for being a fierce but fair competitor, yet even he’s been sucked into what passes for normal discourse these days. | Right Field by Russ Smith

Blockbuster Video: So I won’t drop my matinée admission on that particular robot movie, but really, I love me some robot movies, I swear... | Mr. Wrong by Joe MacLeod

Sovereignty?: Possession is still nine-tenths of the law, in pretty much any country you happen to be in, especially if you have the guns to back it up. | Political Animal by Brian Morton

Like a Virgin: I am a horny, young (27 years old) guy, past my sexual peak, and I feel like I have completely missed out. | Think Mink by Mink Stole



Lulu Eightball: by Emily Flake



Going Mad: Baltimore Cartoonist Marc Hempel Joins the Staff of the Stupidest and Most Important Publication in the Country | Art by Tom Chalkley

Precious Mettle: Melodie Provenzano Brings Power to the Piffle | Art by Blake de Pastino



Soft Sell: Labels Got a Jones Like Norah for the Next NPR-Friendly Pop Star—Enter Nellie McKay, Jamie Cullum, and Katie Melua | Music by Geoffrey Himes

Born Against: Pedro the Lion’s David Bazan is No So-Called Christian Rocker | Music by Michael Alan Goldberg

The Short List



The Clearing | Review by Eric Allen Hatch

King Arthur | Review by Violet LeVoit

Kiss Me Deadly | Review by Eric Allen Hatch

A Perfect World | Review by Eric Allen Hatch



Copra | Review by Richard Gorelick

Captain Larry's Bar and Grill | Review by Christopher Skokna


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