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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

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Michael Northrup


XXXXXXXL: The Secret History of the Galaxy Tall Tee | Feature by Gadi Dechter

Menhaden Madness: Tension Grows as the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Ponders a Decision On How to Manage the Bay’s Dwindling Menhaden Population | Mobtown Beat by Ryan Grim

Plan of Inaction: Maryland Opts Not To Join a Lawsuit To Reduce Mercury Emissions From Coal-Fueled Power Plants | Mobtown Beat by Edward Ericson Jr.

Wind Warriors: A resolution urging the city of Baltimore to purchase 5 percent of its electricity from no-emissions-producing renewable resources located within the “air shed” of the city passed out of committee on Aug. | Quick and Dirty by Ralph Brave

What’s in a Name?: “He is known as ‘Dr. | Media Circus by Gadi Dechter

Murder Ink | The Mail



The Aristocrats: As a movie, it is an incredibly political work. | Political Animal by Brian Morton

Let’s Not Get Real: I’m ready to jump in my car and leave immediately to get my new death-ray mind-eraser robot wireless lobotomy safety box and take it home and install it myself | Mr. Wrong by Joe MacLeod

The Company Bore: This person functions as a sort of lightning rod for whatever miscellaneous irritations and annoyances are in the office atmosphere. | Think Mink by Mink Stole



Sheet Comics: by The Hussey Bros.

Lulu Eightball: by Emily Flake



Points of Origin: Two New Books Pick Up The Evolution Vs. Intelligent Design Debate | Books by Scott Carlson

Saber Toothed: A Wheelchair-Bound Wife Verbally Skewers Her Husband In Rosemary Toohey’s Tense “Cornered” | Stage by John Barry



Young, Restless: Singer/Songwriter Jessie Hughes’ Husky Voice And Electric Riffs Spend The Summer On The Road | Music by J. Bowers

Hustle and No Flow: What Happens When Nonrappers Grab The Microphone | Music by Tom Breihan

Sealed With a Kiss-Off: Teairra Mari’s Not Just Another Summertime R&B Girl Crush | Music by Bret McCabe

The Short List: WEDNESDAY: Sick Sick Birds fuck-fuck up the Talking Head with the Whips, Fascist Fascist, and Desoto Jones. | Music by Bret McCabe

Boyz N Da Hood: Boyz N Da Hood | Review by Tom Breihan

Henry Jacobs: The Wide Weird World of Henry Jacobs, The Fine Art of Goofing Off | Review by Marc Masters

Scott Amendola Band: Believe | Review by Al Shipley



The Aristocrats | Review by Violet LeVoit

Blood on the Moon | Review by Eric Allen Hatch

Broken Flowers | Review by Ian Grey

Four Brothers | Review by Bret McCabe

The Great Raid | Review by Ian Grey

Sky High | Review by Joe MacLeod

Degrassi Junior High: Season 1 | Review by Anna Ditkoff



Mezzanotte Bistro | Review by Richard Gorelick

Red Emma's Bookstore and Coffeehouse | Review by Wendy Ward


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